Mod Menu Free Fire Auto Kill Unlimited Diamonds Part 15

Mod Menu Free Fire Auto Kill Unlimited Diamonds Part 15 || Playing games is a new hobby among young people. In fact, today the game has become a necessity for some people. In addition, games are competed with prizes that are quite valuable. Game applications such as Free Fire are widely chosen, it turns out that there is also a version of the FF mod apk 2022.


Playing the game will feel comfortable and fun if it is supported by several supporting facilities. The supporting facilities include laptops or gaming computers, gaming chairs, and several other devices.

However, if you make the game just for entertainment, of course you will only need a cellphone that lasts a battery and doesn’t heat up quickly. Cell phone batteries that run out easily and are hot, sometimes make your comfort when playing games disrupted and cause you to lose when competing.

Advantages of FF Mod Apk Latest Version

This multi-player application, in its mod version, offers a fun game. However, you can’t just download the FF mod apk because it’s only available in the form of a link through the mod application forum with certain modifications.

FF mod is an application designed by super creative game editors so that the application becomes more fun to play. This is because the mod application provides many helpful features for you.

Here are some features that you can use and feel when playing FF mod apk:

  1. Can Break Through Walls

The first advantage of using a mod application is that your hero can penetrate walls. This makes it easier for you to move because there are no more obstacles that can interfere with you moving here and there.

However, when you use the mode through this wall or wall, there is a power that you must experience. The drawback is the loss of your sense of hero or character, you can’t know the character and see the hero.

2. No Grass and Trees

One thing that will be different when you use the FF mod apk compared to the usual application, is that you will not see trees and grass. Mods like this are useful so that when you play you are not blocked by any objects.

The area you play in will look barren because there are no trees at all. If you use this mode, then you can see the opponent even though it is far away because it is not blocked by any object.

3. Water Drop Sighting

For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the term air drop, while air drop is an item of equipment that will be lowered via an airplane. This item or equipment can only be known if you open the box.

But you don’t have to worry because in the mod application you can find out the contents of the box before you throw it away. So you can choose which box or air drop you will choose, without the need to open the box first.

4. Hard Target Locked

Of course when playing the game you will do various ways so that the enemy can be caught and shot. However, to shoot enemies sometimes requires foresight, enemies who are already in sight can suddenly disappear and manage to escape.

Using the FF mod apk application you can lock your opponent using the AIM lock feature. This feature, helps you to lock the target. So, when you go in any direction as long as the enemy is locked you can shoot it right on target.

But this mod is often considered cheating or cheating because it clearly harms the opposing party. So that the game runs cleanly without cheating and keeps it fun, you can just disable this mod.

5. Easy Download

This application is easy to download and get. FF mod apk can be downloaded for free and there is no need to root the cellphone. In addition, you also don’t have to worry if your phone has small storage because this application does not need a large enough space.

6. Unlimited Diamonds and Coins

Another advantage that you can get is the opportunity to get unlimited diamonds and unlimited coins. Playing Free Fire, of course, must use diamonds so that strength can increase and the price is quite expensive if you continue to buy diamonds.

The diamonds that you have purchased can usually be exchanged for characters, bundles, skins and emoticons. Using this application, you can get unlimited diamonds with just one top up, not only diamonds, you also have the opportunity to get unlimited coins.

But in addition to the advantages already mentioned, of course there are disadvantages to the FF apk mod. The weakness of using mod applications is that the legality is not clear, so the risk will also be fatal. If you or a player is caught using a mod application.

Because it has prohibited this kind of application to circulate and be played. Therefore, if you or another player is caught using it, your account will automatically be permanently banned by Garena.

If you don’t want your favorite hero account and hero to be banned by Garena. So, use this app just for fun. If you want to become a pro player, it’s best to use a native app because you can learn the techniques and processes.

Download FF Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds

Playing games is really fun, playing FF for example. Actually, playing the normal version of Free Fire is already very fun, but if you want to try another version, you can download the FF mod apk for Android and iOS.

Many are interested in the FF mod apk unlimited diamonds because it has several advantages. Starting from free diamonds, coins, unlimited ammo, auto aim and many other advantages. However, if you want to be serious about playing games, it is not recommended to use this method.


How to Install FF Mod Auto Headshoot

The mod apk version is only used by people who view games like FF for fun, not for work. For those of you who are interested in using this mod application, here’s how to download and install the application on your cellphone:

  1. Ekstrak File
  2.  Menginstal Aplikasi
  3. Entering Data
  4. Ready to Play

How to Play Free Fire Mod for Safe Beginners

For those of you who have just joined the FF game, you need to learn to become a player. After you have successfully downloaded the FF application on your cellphone, immediately play through the following playing tips for beginners:

  1. Understand the Role and Choose a Strong Character

Strong characters make it easier for you to attack your opponent, FF itself has various types of heroes with various characters. Beginner players are usually provided with two heroes named Eve and Adam which are given for free.

However, these two characters are considered not strong enough and easy to lose. Therefore, you have to buy or own another character. Before you have a strong character, of course you have to understand the various characters provided by FF.

2. Determine Landing Location

Landing or landing location is also the main focus that can affect subsequent requests. A good landing location can affect loot when going to push rank. There are several recommended locations as landing points

3. Apply Strategy

This game leads you to be able to survive in all conditions, not just attacking your opponent. If you are still a beginner, you should not attack more pro players because this will actually threaten your life.

You can follow the red visual instructions on the screen. These hints give you a code if an enemy is coming so you can get ready to use your full weapon.

4. Loot as much as possible and choose the right weapon

Beginner players will usually be given the opportunity to defend and attack with adequate equipment. Strategic landings can make you do some good loot.

If you loot as much as possible at the beginning of the game, of course it will be very profitable. This is because you can pick up more weapons or battle gear before the war starts.

5. Continuous Play on a Convenient Device

In order for your skills to be honed, you also have to play games often. The more you play, the more things you can learn, from weapons, skins, weapons, rooting, and various things.

Playing that is fun or comfortable must also be based on a comfortable device. Make sure your device such as a computer or cellphone is adequate and not slow. This will be quite disturbing your performance in playing.

Playing using a laptop or computer will be much more fun because the visual screen is clearer and navigation is more visible. However, it is no less exciting to play using a smartphone.

Not infrequently the smartphone that you use has a low enough battery power so that the game will be interrupted because the battery runs out quickly. To overcome this, there is a way so that your cellphone does not run out quickly when playing games.


There are several applications that use HP more than other applications. You can delete or uninstall applications that are rarely used and drain the battery.

Besides being able to fulfill memory, this type of application makes your cellphone performance less fast. Choose one or several if they are no longer needed and can be replaced with similar applications that do not absorb too much battery power.

Playing games is indeed a fun thing, especially since games are equipped with various features that can make you win. Like the FF mod apk which is equipped with various interesting features that similar applications do not have.






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