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Reza Official || There is no boredom still discussing the free fire game, which is the most exciting game to discuss and will never end, here mimin will give you how to get unlimited diamonds for free by using this latest ff mod apk application, curious read this article to the end.


Indeed, the free fire game has lots of unexpected surprises, because Garena free fire sometimes gives attractive prizes without having to know it beforehand, for example, such as giving events with attractive prizes, or big discounts, when holding the end of the tournament. .

Everything has been planned by Garena FF, but the most important thing about the free fire game is diamond, diamond itself is the main currency in the free fire game, because all items needed can be purchased using diamonds, so we can buy items our needs to prepare for a battle royale battle on a deserted island.

Because the price of diamond free fire is quite expensive, especially if we need a lot of diamonds, then the price issued will drain our savings, that’s why the admin will give you unlimited free diamonds, if you really need it, this method can be done say it’s very powerful to get free diamonds using the ff mod apk application or it can be called downloading the latest version of 2022 ff mod apk unlimited diamonds.

What is FF Mod Apk

Especially those who don’t know about the ff mod apk, mimin will review so you can find out in detail, so ff mod apk is a diamond hack or cheat application and also other items, there are various kinds of cheats that we can get in the ff mod apk 2022 application this.

Each cheat will have a different function, which is definitely very interesting for us to use, this ff mod apk has also been equipped with the latest anti-ban features and a newer version mode than before, so we can use it smoothly and anxiously avoid getting banned.

That’s why this ff apk mod application is always being hunted by free fire players, because it does have a superiority that other cheat or hack applications don’t have, for sure the ff apk mod menu has a myriad of optional features that can be activated if indeed you need it.

Suitable for those of you who are currently looking for lots of free diamonds and also other cheats according to our individual needs, if you seem curious to know what features can be obtained from the latest ff mod apk application, you can immediately see the full details below .

Features of FF Mod Apk 2022

For those who are curious about what features we can get from this 2022 ff apk menu mod application, then you can see here, the admin has a complete discussion of the features of the ff mod apk application, of course every feature or cheat has a superiority. different ones.

The point is that the cheat download ff mod apk unlimited diamonds latest version 2022 is one of the special cheats that is ready to be hunted by many people because we will make it easier to get booyah or victory, now instead of being curious it would be nice to see the full details below.

Unlimited Diamonds

The feature that is most interested in is the unlimited diamond feature, with this unlimited diamond cheat we can buy whatever we want including buying all the items according to our individual needs.

This cheat is very important, because all the needs of our ff game characters can be carried out such as buying skin weapons, bundles, clothes and pants, gloos, grenades and so on.

Auto Headshot

Then there is also an auto headshot which is the use of this cheat so that we can always hit the enemy when shooting at the enemy, either using close-range weapons such as shotguns or long-range weapons such as ak drace and other weapons.

The headshot is capable of giving a shot so that it always hits the enemy’s head so don’t be afraid when dealing 1 on 1, it is certain that this headshot shot kills the other ff players, so it will most likely be easy to fall for.

Auto Aim

For this auto aim and aimbot cheat, it is so that we can get extraordinary miracles, because it shoots directly at the enemy automatically, so we don’t need to work hard to kill the enemy. In addition, the aimbot is useful so that the bullet hits the target when shooting.

So when the bullet is shot it will look for the closest enemy. Of course, with cheats like this, we will always win in every game of this ff game, even pro-player class enemies if we face one on one are not sure we can kill enemies who use this cheat.

Antena View

Who is not familiar with this cheat, of course we all know that the antenna view cheat is the most feared cheat by all free fire players, because all enemies will be known easily, even though the enemy is hiding in changes, factories, buildings, grass, water will all be in vain.

Because this antenna view cheat is useful for knowing the whereabouts of the enemy and there will be long antenna marks on the head and hands, so this cheat will easily find out the whereabouts of all the enemies in the battle arena.


This is what all free fire players are interested in the most, where this teleport cheat is able to move the theme to another place precisely behind the existing enemies, with this cheat the winning rate will be 99% in your favor, because the cheat teleport is one of the most dangerous cheats and is feared by many people.

Anti Banned

When using cheats, of course we will choose whether the cheat has complete security or not, of course convenience is number 1 when we want to use this feature, now the ff mod apk has prepared an anti-banned feature so it is very safe to use.

For an explanation of the download feature for the latest version of the 2022 unlimited diamond ff mod apk above, I think it’s quite clear and interesting if we use the cheat, if you seem curious to use it then you should be able to download the 2022 ff mod apk directly via the link below.

Download Cheat FF Mod Apk Application

Actually, there are still lots of various cheats that we can use from this ff mod apk application, but this ff apk mod menu application is dependent on the developer or maker, because usually Garena free fire updates to the latest version.

Then the developer of this ff mod apk will also update, so that the version used will not be left behind, of course when it is updated to the latest version it will be even better even though sometimes there are cheat changes in it.

So every update of the ff mod apk cheat will change according to what the cheat developer made. Now, if you are curious to immediately download and install the free fire menu mod application, you can directly download it via the link below, so please download the latest version of 2022 unlimited diamond ff mod apk.


Please, you can directly download the ff mod apk application via the link above, and if you don’t know how to install this ff mod apk, then you can also follow the steps that the admin has provided as follows below.

How to Install Menu FF Mod Apk

If you really don’t know how to install this application, it’s actually very simple if you know how to install this 2022 ff apk hack, but if you really don’t understand, then just follow the steps below.

  • Please download the ff mod menu apk application first
  • Then please open the ZArchiver application, if you don’t have it, you can download it on the play store
  • Please go to the Android > Data section and change the name com.dts.freefireth to com.dts.freefireth1
  • Then change also in the OBB section, how to go to Andoid > OBB and change the com.dts.freefireth section to com.dts.freefireth1
  • After that, please uninstall your original free fire application
  • If you have searched for the ff mod apk that you just downloaded, then install it until it is installed
  • After it is installed, don’t open it, please change back what was com.dts.freefireth1 to com.dts.freefireth, it is located on Android > Data then change it and also in the OBB section all change to com.dts.freefireth
  • If so, then all you have to do is open the free fire game
  • Done

Now that way we can immediately get a free fire hack or cheat menu of various choices, and can also get free diamonds and other customized cheats.

The final word

It is important for you to know, that using this cheat is a dishonest or unsportsmanlike cheat, anyone who uses a cheat method, then Garena ff will not hesitate to give a warning to the user who uses the cheat. Even though the free fire mod apk application is already equipped with anti-ban.

It doesn’t mean our ff account will always be safe, if there are many people who report to Garena that you are using a cheat, then your ff account will automatically be banned for either 1 day, 3 days, 7 weeks to permanent. So please think twice before actually using this free fire mod menu cheat.

It is guaranteed that if you use cheats with calculations, your ff account will always be safe, and don’t overuse cheats, the anti-ban feature will be active when someone reports you using a cheat to Garena, but only a maximum of 3 times.

This means that if more than 3 FF players report to Garena, your FF account will be suspended, either temporarily or permanently. The point is that every use of mod applications, cheats, or 3rd party applications, there will be risks, so make sure you don’t depend on these cheats.

Maybe that’s all I can say about this Free Fire Menu Cheat Application, please, if you are interested in using this cheat, you can immediately follow it from the initial step to the final step, successfully using the cheat, we from apologize if there are any lack, thank you good luck.


























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