Free Fire Mod Menu Update 2023

Reza Official || Many Android smartphone users use the devices they have not only as a medium of communication. But many also use it for the needs of playing games.


As the specifications of HP Android become more sophisticated, users can play various kinds of games on it. Starting from simple games to games like triple A class.

Talking about games on Android devices, of course we are all very familiar with the Free Fire game. Yes, this game is a game made by a well-known developer, namely Garena.

This game, which is also known as FF, is one of the survival online games most played by Android users at the moment. So it’s no wonder that this game is always on the Play Store version of the top games chart.

Apart from that, this game also comes with super cool gameplay. Players must survive in the middle of the battle with other players. Whoever can survive the last is the winner.

Usually FF players refer to this victory as Booyah! This game can be played online so it is more exciting and fun. Players can interact with other players from all over the world.

Still about the FF game, did you know that now this game is also available in a mod version. Even though the mod version itself is not an official version from Garena, it’s a development from a third-party developer.

This application is known as Cheat FF mod. As the name suggests, this application or game is made so that players can more easily win in games so they can keep on getting Booyah!

If you want to know more about the FF mod cheat application, aka the FF game, which has been modified by a third-party developer, you can immediately see the full discussion below.

About APK Cheats FF Mod Menu

As we mentioned earlier, the FF mod cheat APK is the same as the mod version of the FF game, namely the Free Fire game that has been modified by a third-party developer.

The goal is to embed new features into the game so that players get the privilege to win matches more easily.

This FF mod game is not an official game from Garena, so it’s impossible to download it directly through the Play Store. To be able to try it, we have to download via a link outside the Play Store and install it manually.

This FF mod APK game comes with a variety of interesting features. Some of the coolest and most sought after by people are the unlimited diamond features and also the auto headshot.

With these two features, it is guaranteed that players can get Booyah very easily without the need for a big effort. This game is free and has an appearance that is no different from the original game.

Apk Cheat FF Mod Menu Features

For those of you who want to know what features the latest 2023 FF cheat mod has, you can immediately read carefully until the review is finished, which we wrote below.

Unlimited Diamond

The main feature which is also the mainstay feature of this FF mod is unlimited diamonds. So players can get unlimited diamonds for free.

Not only that, the diamonds that have been obtained can be freely used to buy various kinds of paid items in the game such as skins, taunts, and many others.

Auto Headshoot

Next, there are the features most wanted by FF game players. The feature we mean is none other than the auto headshot. With this feature, players can get wins very easily.

So players can shoot in any direction, but the bullet will hit the player right in the head or the cool term is headshot. That way you will look like a pro player.

Unlock All Characters

As we know that in the Free Fire game there are several characters that can be played, ranging from male to female. Some of these characters are free, some are paid.

So, in this FF mod game, we can immediately get all of these characters and can be played immediately. So we don’t need to spend money to buy these characters.

Unlock All Weapons

Not only unlocking all characters, in this FF mod game there is also a feature to unlock all weapons. So players can use all types of weapons, starting from pistons, shotguns, snipers, SMGs, and so on.

Please note that some of the weapons in this game are sold at very high prices. With this feature we don’t need to buy it again. So it’s more economical.

Download APK FF Mod 2023

If you can’t wait to try directly playing the FF mod game with a myriad of cheat features earlier, then you must download the APK first. Here we share the download link for the latest version 2023.

Game Name FF Mod APK
Game Developer Garena Limited
Game Size 100MB
Game Version 1.94.x
Android version Android 4.4 or later


How to Install the FF Mod APK

If you have successfully downloaded the FF mod APK file above, but are still confused about how to install it. It is better if you pay close attention to the following reviews.

  • The first step, please open Settings or Settings on your cellphone
  • After that, enter the Security and Privacy menu
  • Activate the menu allow installing applications from unknown sources
  • If so, then you can open the File Manager application
  • Look for the FF mod APK that was downloaded earlier
  • Click on the APK file to start installing it
  • Follow the installation process until it’s finished
  • The FF mod cheat APK is ready to use

Is the Cheat FF Mod APK Safe?

Many also ask whether this FF mod cheat application or game is safe? Actually, according to the developer of this application, the security is strong enough. But we can’t be 100% because this app is not official.

So we still need to be vigilant especially with malware and data loss issues. So it is recommended if you are trying it for the first time, please use it on a backup device, not the main one.

Apart from that, also use a backup FF account to try it. Don’t use your main account. Especially if your main account already has a lot of items and a high level. Because if lost would be very detrimental.

All risks that occur as a result of using this APK are the responsibility of each user. So you need to react wisely to avoid unwanted things.


The cool and unique feature that this FF mod cheat application has is that it is transparent. Yes, players can freely run anywhere without needing to be hindered by walls.

That way players can more easily lurk and escape from opponents by penetrating all the existing walls. With this feature the game becomes more exciting and fun.

Furthermore, in this FF mod game there is also a feature called auto invulnerability. With this feature, players are guaranteed to never die because even if they get shot they can still live. This auto-immunity feature makes us bolder in carrying out attacks on opponents because we don’t need to be afraid of being shot by our opponents. This feature is also known as the auto win feature.

Thus was the discussion about the FF mod 2023 cheat APK with unlimited diamonds, auto headshot features and many others. Hopefully it can be useful, especially for all FF game players.














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