Cheat Mod FF APK gratis 2023

Reza official || If you often find players who use cheat applications when playing Free Fire. Maybe they use the LZ H4x Menu V2 application, which we will discuss below.


Cheating when playing Free Fire can indeed get a victory that is quite easy. But behind all that, there is a risk that will certainly make your account threatened to be banned.

Maybe everyone already knows about the biggest risk, but what can be done for beginners who don’t have the skills to play. Surely it will be difficult to be able to win and fight enemies in the game.

Because for each – each player must be required to have skills first, so you are not surprised when you find another player who is better at it. Because the battle royall game will last until the zone ends or becomes number 1.

Usually there are lots of players who try various strategies to be able to last longer on the battlefield. There are also some players who may use underhand methods to get a win.

Like the LZ H4x Menu V2 Apk application, this can make the game easier, even if you don’t have playing skills. But you can still get a win quickly.

Information about the LZ H4x Menu V2 Apk at a Glance

So before you want to download LZ H4x Menu V2 Apk Mod Free Fire, you should see a more complete review. Because of course you are curious about the features and security that this cheat ff application has.

The LZ H4X actually has lots of different versions, the latest and the old ones, but their function is almost the same, namely hacking FF games. Apart from that, you cannot use this application for other online games.

Indeed, a third party is not wrong in making this mod application, but unfortunately there are many parties who are harmed. Maybe you have ever faced an opponent who used a cheat.

It’s definitely going to be difficult isn’t it? because they already use a feature including auto headshot and auto aim. Of course that hall keeps us from being able to attack back, because with just one shot we can go behind the lobby.

That’s why this application is very dangerous to use and is not carelessly provided through the official downloader site. You can only get it through the apk file which is downloaded manually.

But interestingly, the lz h4x menu v2 apk mod can be used without rooting, maybe it’s different from other cheat applications. That’s why more and more people are looking for it now.

Feature List Of LZ H4x Menu V2

Talking about features, I think you all understand, because every developer definitely doesn’t forget to add advanced features to their application. One of them is the lz h4x menu v2 apk which also has lots of features that are no less interesting.

So from that, you really have to, to see all the features of this application, so that it can be easier to use later. In the following we have summarized the list of features as below.

Speed Hack

The first feature of this application is a speed hack that can make your way very fast than before. Even with you activating this feature, it can be easier to move places without a vehicle.

Apart from that, there is a speed that you can set yourself as you wish, if you feel that it is not very fast or fast. So please just enter the application to set it back, that way everything will be normal again.

Auto Headshot

Next, there is a feature that is not familiar when you hear it, namely auto headshot. Maybe you previously had difficulty getting a headshot and it very rarely happens, only at certain moments.

But who would have thought that the application would make headshots so easy, even if they only shot in the wrong direction. But still the bullet will hit the target right in the head, that’s one of the advantages of this application.

Auto Aim

Next, there is a feature that can aim bullets directly at the target without ever missing the slightest, namely auto aim. Indeed, free fire is a battle royall game with an aim that is very easy to direct.

But for enemies who are far away, it might be difficult to beat, especially since you don’t have enough skills. Surely you have to learn more, in contrast to users who use this application, they definitely don’t need to learn.

Antenna Head

The head antenna is a sophisticated feature that is able to find out where the enemy is in the map. When they fire bullets, all opponents will automatically be reached by you.

Even though you are in a place that is quite far away, the greatness of this application makes enemies known easily. So you can go straight to the target and use several other feature combinations.


If you want to move to a place that is currently in war, please activate this teleport feature right away. That way you don’t have to bother running or using a vehicle to get to the war.

For how to use it yourself, it’s very easy, all you have to do is press the application button that floats to the right. Then it will automatically be able to go directly to the place that you have marked.

Unlimited Glo Wall

Glo wall is the most difficult item to find on the battlefield, although it often helps us in dealing with enemies. But with this application it feels like you don’t need the glo wall anymore.

But the developer still provides advanced features in the form of an unlimited glo wall that can never run out. That way you can use it to your advantage when the war is starting.

Link Download LZ H4x Menu V2 Apk Mod Free Fire

If all the features that we have discussed before, you can also get them for free, but with the condition that you install the application first. After that, you continue in the install process which we will help too.

But you should just download the LZ H4x Menu V2 Apk as soon as possible, so you can quickly install it. We have provided the download link problem in the review below.

NamaLZ H4x Menu V2 Apk
VersiTerbaru 2023
Ukuran File108 MB
OS SupportAndroid 5.0+
Link DownloadDownload

How to Install LZ H4x Menu V2 Apk

How to install the LZ H4x Menu V2 Apk application which is not available on the play store? you can still install it manually. But the process is indeed more complicated, but you don’t need to worry about that.

Because we also provide reviews that discuss how to install mod applications, so you just need to pay attention. Then prepare the apk file, then you can follow the steps as follows.

  • Enter the Settings section > Security or Privacy > Unknown Sources > Check.
  • If it’s successful, don’t forget to check several applications such as file manager and chrome.
  • From here you can already see the existence of the application in the cellphone storage file.
  • If you have found the apk file, then just install it and wait for it to finish.
  • Good luck.

Every cellphone that now has the latest Android version, maybe the installation is much easier and faster. But we use the method that was in the old version of the cellphone and the process may also be almost the same.

How to use LZ H4x Menu V2 Apk on Free Fire

We need to remind you again before you use this LZ H4x Menu V2 Apk, that this application is not safe. Even though third parties have provided anti-banned features, they can still get banned at any time.

If you want to continue using this application, you may need guidance from us, more or less like the following step by step.

  • First you just open the application.
  • Then you need to take your friend’s Free Fire account ID.
  • Then an inscription Hack account ff will appear.
  • Next, just click activate now
  • Then all you have to do is enter the game right away.
  • Finished.

It turns out that besides providing a cheat feature, this application can take other people’s accounts very easily, even though it doesn’t work for sure. But there are also many people who are curious about the existence of this application, for that you have to try it first.

The final word

You should never try a cheat application in any form, because Garena will still know about it, so you will definitely get the opportunity to get banned, even though the application already provides an anti-banned feature.

Until whenever the application to get a free fire account is just a hoax, maybe they’re just trying to trick you, let alone ask to first log in using the main account, so you have to be careful.

So actually this application is a tool that can take people’s accounts as well as give cheats to the free fire game to make it easier to get a win.

Thus the information that we can convey about the LZ H4x Menu V2 Apk, I hope this review can help all of you. See you in the next article which will provide other interesting information, thank you.



















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