Cheat Mobile Legends Hack Map 2022

Cheat Mobile Legends Hack Map 2022 || The latest Mobile Legends cheat 2022 no root no banned, follow the tutorial for no root or root android users. To get victory (victory) easily in the Mobile Legends ML game, one of them is by using cheats. one of them is using cheat radar map, drone view, line & health info, etc.


A cheat is a collection of command codes or programs created to modify a game so that it has special features that should not be allowed to exist and were not made by the game’s official developer. By using cheats playing the game will become easier.


Mobile Legends is an online MOBA (Multi Player Online Battle Arena) war game. In Mobile Legends, there are 5 teams in the game and their mission is to destroy the enemy tower (turret). Several types and characters in the Mobile Legends game, namely assassin, fighter, mage, hunter/marksman, support and tank.

cheat mobile legends

The purpose of this tutorial is made for educational purposes

In this tutorial, we will show you how to use cheats in the Mobile Legends game to make playing easier to win.

cheat map or radar map is one of the cheats in the Mobile Legends game that serves to find out the opponent’s position wherever they are. By using this radar map, you will find it easier to identify and trap your opponent.

Cheats Features:

  • Bypass Anti Detected & Anti Banned
  • Radar Map No icon (safe)
  • High Drone View
  • No Grass
  • Show Enemy in Grass
  • Health icon & Line Info
  • Clear Logs
  • Can play many times without restart & turn off features
  • Free Skins
  • Unlock Hero


Make sure you have installed the latest Mobile Legends application and have downloaded all the data.

Next, install the GG virtual space application, for example: Parallel Space Lite Mod which has been modified to support the GG application.

In this tutorial using virtual parallel space lite, because the apk size is small, if HP RAM and large memory capacity is recommended using VMOS or Sandbox.

Then copy the folder into the folder (this way so as not to re-download the data).

Next, run the virtual space, then clone the Mobile Legends APK to virtual by selecting the + (plus) icon.

Next, run Mobile Legends in the Virtual Space application.

After you have entered Mobile Legends, then let it download all the data first up to 100%.

Next, install GG and clone GameGuardian with a random name in the virtual space.

Especially for GG Official, after it is installed there will be 2 GG icons, open the SW icon, then select default to install GameGuardian again so that GameGuardian gets installed with a random name.

Run GameGuardian in Virtual Space – Select Start.

Note: If the GameGuardian icon does not appear pop-up when running, please go to Android settings – Installed Apps/Installed Apps – Select a virtual application, for example DualSpace, then select Other Permissions/Other Permissions – Display pop-up windows – Accept/accept/ allow.


Next, run the cheat script by selecting the “Execute script” menu Play icon – Select and look for the Mobile Legends cheat script file that was downloaded previously (usually in the download folder).

Download Cheats Mobile Legends

Download In here


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