Cheat Free Fire Auto Kill After Maintance No Blacklist Update 2021

Cheat Free Fire Auto Kill After Maintance No Blacklist Update 2021

Cheat Free Fire Auto Kill After Maintance No Blacklist Update 2021 || Free fire is one of the battle royal games that has managed to captivate gamers in the world. This is none other than because Garena as a free fire developer always spoils its users with various interesting things. One of the interesting things in this free fire game is that it has many cool premium skins.

This free fire game is arguably the best-selling battle royal game, because this one game has managed to rank one on the google play store. Even this free fire is not only played by children, but teenagers to adults also play.


As we explained in the above discussion, this free fire game includes cool premium skins. However, to have this cool premium skin, survivors must have a diamond. Maybe you already know that diamonds in free fire are not easy. So now there are a lot of survivors who are looking for ways to get free skins.

Therefore, we are here to give you a way to get free skins in free fire. For this method you have to download the ff mod apk which we will provide in this review. For more detailed information, please see below.


FF Mod Apk Review

FF mod apk is a free fire game modified by a third party, that way we can get premium features for free. For example, skins or other items, besides that there are several mod features that are very beneficial for us as players, such as unlimited diamonds, auto headshots and so on.


With the existence of this feature, it is not surprising that many survivors are looking for this free firfe mod apk. If you are one of the players who want to use this free fire mod, you can read our review to the end because here we will give you the download link in this review.

FF Mod Apk Features

Yes, as we explained above, this game that has gotten a touch of modification has a lot of features in it. If you are curious and want to know what these features are, please just look at the reviews below.


  1. Unlimited Diamonds
    The first feature that exists is that there are unlimited diamonds. With one feature, of course, we can buy various items needed in the game.

2. Auto Headshot
Furthermore, there is an auto headshot feature given by this ff mod. This feature is very helpful to be able to get a victory or booyah in the free fire game, because with the help of this feature you will be able to do auto headshots easily.

3. Unlock All Characters
The third feature is unlocking all character arrays that can unlock all the characters in this battleground game. This will definitely benefit us a lot. Because as we know that the characters in the Free Fire game have their own advantages and disadvantages. That way you can customize your character to suit your style of play.

4. Break through the Wall
Fourth, there is a wall-breaking feature in the ff mod apk. For this one feature, it functions so that you can easily penetrate walls. Of course with this feature it will really help you to get booyah, because you will be able to attack the enemy without being noticed.

5. Auto Invulnerable
For the last feature, there is auto immunity. With the help of this one feature, later you will be immune to any weapon fire. So you can use this feature to attack or survive until it crashes.

6. Medkit While Running
In the original game we can only use the medkit when it is idle. But if you use this mod version, then even while running you can fill your health points. This is definitely very necessary when you are shooting each other with the enemy, so there is no time to be silent.

7. Unlock Skins
The interesting side of this Free Fire game is that it has a wide selection of skins or bundles. To be able to collect all of that, then the first thing you prepare is diamond. So not everyone can have a premium skin.

But you don’t need to worry, because if you apply this free fire mod apk, then you can unlock all skins for free.

8. Teleport
Currently there are quite a number of players who install third-party applications to be able to have this ff teleport feature. By using this feature, you can easily move from one place to another.

9. Antenna View
Some versions of the existing Free Fire mod have an antenna view. The advantage of using this one menu is that you can find out where the enemy player is. Because from their heads or hands there are antennae that rise upwards, so that wherever they are hiding, we will easily find out.

Those were some of the features that you can find in the Free Fire game that has been modified. By looking at these advantages, it will make it easier for us to get a win in this game or Booyah.

How to Install Free Fire Mod Apk

As someone who wants to use this ff mod apk, then you certainly already understand the risks that you will get. Here are the steps to install the latest 2021 free fire mod.

  • First download the FF mod apk along with obb
  • Then you can extract and copy the obb file from the ff mod.
  • Install apk file
  • Next you can move obb to internal memory
  • Finally you just play this game.


All the features that have been embedded into this modified game will automatically be used by you. So you don’t need to activate it manually like using the free fire mod menu.
how to install

Is FF Mod Apk Safe?

Maybe you users of this ff mod apk game ask whether it is safe or not. Basically a game has a security system of each. Likewise with the Free Fire game, through their security system, Free Fire can detect all forms of fraud committed by each of their players.

Apart from that, there is currently a feature where every player can report all forms of cheating through the form provided by the developer. So even if we can escape the security system, it is not impossible for our account to be suspended because of reports of using cheats by other players.

Looks like that’s all the information we can convey to you about the FF Mod Apk. Hopefully the information that we have provided you guys can be useful and also help you survivors.









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